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October 9, 2021





Welcome to our big party’s digital space. We are thrilled that you made it here and we would love it if you can join us on October 9 too.

The place
to be

Screenshot 2021-08-03 at 19.10.36.png

The civil ceremony followed by appetisers, lunch and party will be at the historical building of Universitat de Barcelona at 12.30pm.

Access from the back entrance, Carrer Diputació.

How to get there

The venue is located in the city centre so if you are staying central, walking is usually the easiest way to get around. Taking a taxi is also a good option, you only need to tell them to take you to Universitat de Barcelona; entrance of Calle Diputació. 

Where to stay

Barcelona has plenty of hotels and touristic apartments but if you need a recommendation, see below a list of hotels where we have 15% off. Let us know if you would like to book.

Hotel Bagués (5 stars)

Boutique hotel located at the heart of la Rambla. 8 min walk to the wedding venue.

Screenshot 2021-08-02 at 21.04.59.png

Hotel Balmes (4 stars)

Aparthotel located in Eixample, 12 min walk to the wedding venue.

Screenshot 2021-08-02 at 21.06.09.png

Hotel Astoria (3 stars)

Hotel in Eixample, 16 min walk to the wedding venue. 

Screenshot 2021-08-02 at 21.06.56.png

Finally a reason to dress up again. But make sure you are able to dance too – elegant yet comfortable is a winner.

 Avoid t-shirt and jeans.

Dress code


There are plenty of hair salons in Barcelona, however, a good chain is Cebado.

Do you plan on joining us on the big day?
Are you traveling from abroad?
Will you attend the welcome drinks on the day before? (location and time TBD)

Thanks,we got it.

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